AGCI History

AGCI was born in the hearts of the Beazely family in February of 1991 after the adoption of their daughter Hannah from Romania. Upon Hannah’s arrival home to Portland, Oregon, other families began asking for assistance in adopting orphaned and abandoned children. Since that first adoption more than two decades ago, AGCI has united more than 2,500 children from 19 countries with their forever families.In addition to offering adoption services, AGCI extends compassionate care to children who may never know life beyond orphanage walls. Through our Hannah’s Hope program, AGCI provides quality care in a stimulating, home-like environment. All of our homes operate on a holistic care philosophy that a child’s development goes beyond just basic needs. Children living at Hannah’s Hope not only receive the very best shelter, medical care, education, Christian values, food, and clothing, but also are surrounded by love and affection, bright colors, and engaging sounds. Hannah’s Hope stands as a refuge of mercy for children around the world who long for a place to call home.

Today, All God’s Children International is actively advocating for children in need worldwide.  Through family preservation efforts, partnerships with orphan care agencies, mission teams delivering help and hope, and domestic and international adoption, AGCI is committed to providing permanent solutions for these children who face each day without the love and support that every child deserves.

What God initiates, He anoints. Where God guides, He is sure to provide. It is AGCI’s desire to be God’s heart poured out and His hands extended to the needy children of the world.

                       Ron & Jan Beazely                  Hannah Beazely