Introduction to Adoption

adoption-processAt All God’s Children International, we believe the two most important parts of every adoption can be found at the center of our name: “God” and “Children.” We believe that if God has called you to adoption, He already knows your child by name and will guide you on your journey to find them.

If you are just beginning to explore adoption opportunities for your family, you may feel overwhelmed by the process, terminology, regulations, and life-changing choices that lie ahead of you. That is why it is essential to choose an experienced, ethical agency you trust and have confidence in to personally support you every step of the way.

The typical steps in an adoption process include the following:

1. Choose an Adoption Agency – Ask for references. Talk with their families. Choose an established agency that will be with you long after your child comes home.

2. Submit Your Application – This begins your journey toward completing an adoption.

3. Complete Your Home Study – A licensed social worker will work with you through this education and preparation process.

4. Prepare the Dossier – This is a collection of documents that must be prepared to exact standards to assure government acceptance when submitted.

5. Receive USCIS Approval – The United States government must grant permission for you to bring a child into the country as part of your family.Adoption -China

6. Patiently Wait – The waiting time from document acceptance until referral varies based on country and program.

7. Receive a Referral – This is the call you’ve been waiting for! Your family has been matched with a child.

8. Meet Your Child – Through a series of legal steps, court appearances, and travel, you will meet your child and bring them home over the next few months.

9. Complete Post-Placement – Once your child is home, follow-up visits will be conducted with your family by a licensed social worker. Reports required by your child’s birth country and AGCI will be prepared by the social worker and submitted in accordance with the birth country’s requirements.