Services We Provide

All God’s Children International provides complete adoption services to families who adopt through one of our international adoption programs.

Service 1 – Your Home Study:Services -China
The home study is a report written about your family by a local social worker. AGCI, as well as domestic and international governmental authorities, use the home study to assess your family’s readiness to adopt. The home study process also helps educate and prepare your family for the adoption. Home study requirements and processes vary from state to state. Typical requirements include but are not limited to: personal interviews, home visits, background checks, medical exams, financial information, and personal references. When completed, your home study will be submitted with the rest of your paperwork to the program and/or country from which you hope to adopt.

Your home study will be completed either by AGCI or by one of AGCI’s Cooperating Agencies. If your home study is written by a Cooperating Agency, AGCI will collaborate with your home study agency to help ensure that all Hague, USCIS, program, state, and agency requirements are met.

Service 2 – Identify Child for Adoption:
The second service AGCI offers is to identify a child for adoption. AGCI works directly with our accredited foreign service providers to ensure all documents are submitted to the sending country. AGCI will communicate with you when a child has been identified.

Service 3 – Child Background Study:
The child background study will be written by a government social worker or the orphanage where your referred child is living. Typically, the information is formally issued through most foreign governments. AGCI will advocate on your behalf if additional information is needed.

Service 4 – Determine Whether the Placement Is in the Best Interest of the Child:Services -Taiwan
AGCI staff reviews all information on the referred child and undertakes a process with you to determine if the placement is in the best interest of the child. Factors we consider are a family’s approved referral parameters in their home study, adoption education training, and the specific social and medical background of the child.

Service 5 – Arrange Child Placement:
AGCI works directly with you on the placement process.

Service 6 – Obtain the Sending Country Consent:
AGCI works with the foreign service provider/sending country to obtain the sending country consent.

Service 7 – Post-Adoption Monitoring:
After you are home with your child, your social worker will make periodic visits to your home to perform post-adoption assessments and reports. These post-adoption reports are a requirement mandated by each program that AGCI works with. The required number of post-adoption reports vary from program to program. Your social worker will make a visit to your home and subsequently submit a four-to-eight-page report along with a number of photos of your adopted child.

Post-adoption reports are extremely important to the programs with whom we work. They are interested in the well being of each child who has been united with their forever family. Sending these reports in a timely manner also helps AGCI to maintain better relationships with our domestic and international partners. All reports will be submitted through AGCI’s Post-Adoption Coordinator. Some post-adoption reports are required until a child turns 18 years of age.