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"Children are
a blessing and
a gift from
the Lord.”

Psalm 127:3

Bulgaria Adoption

7,000 reasons to adopt


SLIDESHOW: Children Home

All God’s Children began serving Bulgarian children in 1991 and has since united more than 450 children with their adoptive families. In 2003, Bulgaria changed adoption laws as the nation began to enter into the European Union and adoptions slowed drastically. After Bulgaria became Hague Accredited and re-opened for adoption, AGCI was the first U.S. agency to complete an adoption. AGCI is pleased to once again advocate for the estimated 7,000 orphaned children of Bulgaria.

With continued support from the European Union, orphanages are being renovated and staffs are being trained with the goal of one caretaker to every six children. Education, physical therapy, and even some foster care options are available today to the orphans of Bulgaria. The Vice Minister of Justice implemented a child-centered process to help protect the children of Bulgaria. Not only are the laws becoming stronger, but governmental entities are being held to higher standards.

Our staff works closely with VESTA, a Bulgarian, Hague-accredited non-governmental organization dedicated to helping abandoned and orphaned children find families to have a better and brighter future.

Available Children
Children from 18 months to 14 years old are currently available for adoption. Many sibling groups and children 3 years and older are waiting for adoptive parents. Wait times for referral could be expedited for families open to adopting an older child, sibling group or waiting child with special needs.