Colombia Adoption

11,000 reasons to adopt

*$6,000 grant available for a limited time
(only applicable for agency fees)

All God’s Children is privileged to begin serving children in Colombia through adoption. 

Colombia is the fourth-largest country in South America and the only one with coasts on both the Pacific and Caribbean. Colombia is very ethnically diverse.

Currently, there are over 11,000 children waiting to be united with their forever families.

Throughout the adoption process, AGCI will be working with Colombia’s central authority, Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF). The ICBF is the entity that processes all international adoption in Colombia, and is located in the capital of Bogota.

Available Children

Children younger than 7 years of age with moderate to severe special needs are available for adoption. Children ages 7 or older with mild to moderate special needs, and sibling groups of all ages are also available.

Home Study and Dossier Process

Once you are contracted with AGCI, your first step is to complete your dossier and home study. AGCI staff will assist your family in this paperwork process. When you’ve completed your dossier, it is sent to Colombia for translation and authentication, and then it’s submitted and logged into the ICBF.

Adoption Process

A referral of a waiting child(ren) can occur before the dossier is completed, if approved by a social worker. Once the dossier is logged, ICBF places families on their waiting list until a child is referred. Currently, the wait time for a referral can be anywhere from 12 to 24 months. Timelines can be shorter for families who are open to either gender or children with special characteristics. More boys than girls are historically available; however, this can change at any time.

AGCI will forward the child’s information to families for review. The referral information will include complete social and medical history and a picture of the child. At the time of referral acceptance, families must send pictures of their family to the child and begin the immigration paperwork for travel.

Travel Process

It is mandatory for both parents to spend 5 to 10 days in-country with their child(ren). This is a Colombian government requirement for all families. Depending on the region, the stay in-country is approximately 6 to 8 weeks. During these 6 to 8 weeks, the following steps will take place:
• Interview by the ICBF guardians to assess the bonding period
• Documents submitted to court
• Court approval
• Obtain birth certificates and passports
• Final medical examination
• U.S. embassy for final exit interview

Court Process

Following the 5 to 10-day bonding period, all paperwork is submitted to court for their judicial process. This can take 3 to 7 weeks, depending on the region your child resides. Once submitted to court, one parent may return home while the other stays in Colombia with the child(ren).

Post-Adoption Process 

Once your child is home, AGCI and Colombia require post-adoption visits and reports at 3, 9, 15 and 21 months. Once the adoption is finalized and your child is home, adoptive parents are required to complete their state re-adoption process. The Certificate of Citizenship must be sent with one of the post-adoption reports. All families should receive this within 30 days of being home.

Age of Parents
Parents between the ages of 25 and 49 are welcome to adopt a child.

Marital Status
Couples married at least one year are welcome to adopt. If there is a history of divorce, the current marriage must be 2 years or longer.

Children in Family
Families with children are welcome to adopt from Colombia.

Single Applicant
Single women may adopt.

Families will have a positive net worth and an income of at least $10,000 per family member, including the adopted child.

Criminal History
Applicants can have no history of felonies and no more than two misdemeanors in their lifetime.

Medical History
Applicants with a past or current diagnosis of a life-threatening or communicable disease or other condition that impairs their ability to parent and/or the quality of life of a child are ineligible.


Total Average Expenses: $31,000 and up
*$6,000 grant available for a limited time (only applicable for agency fees)

Actual costs vary due to a variety of issues, including exchange rates and number of people traveling. The following breakdowns provide a typical range of expenses, with an overview of what is included in each category.

Application Fee: $300
Initial assessment of your family’s information to assure that all country requirements can be met to complete an adoption in your chosen program.

Home Study Services: $2,2oo
This is the education process where a licensed social worker will partner with your family to help prepare you for the challenges ahead as an adoptive parent. The social worker will also be learning about your family in order to prepare a document for inclusion in the dossier that explains to the courts how you will provide a stable environment and loving family for your child.

AGCI provides staff and services throughout the adoption process and for years to come through the post-adoption phase. Unlike many agencies, we always welcome your call.

USCIS and Related Fees: $805-$890
Filing fees and related costs to file your documents with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service.

International Fees: $9,000
Your dossier is a detailed collection of documents about your family. Many of these have to be notarized, certified, and authenticated. Upon completion, we translate the dossier and facilitate your adoption case in-country through our foreign service providers, the government agencies, and the courts. Also includes legal fees.

Orphan Care Fee: $2,000
Supports ongoing orphan care.

Travel Costs: $7,000
Costs include airfare, transportation, food, lodging, a translator, and an immigrant visa for your child.

Post-Adoption Services: $3,500-$4,500
These fees provide for the creation, administration, and translation of your post-adoption reports. Other post-adoption expenses include your re-adoption fee and ongoing medical insurance.

Families are eligible for the federal government Adoption Child Tax Credit in the year adoption is finalized.