Birthmother Support

Serving Oregon, Washington & Michigan

“I’m Pregnant… and unsure of what to do next…”

All God’s Children International is a pro-life, adoption agency that has served children and families for twenty-two years. We provide services to women who are facing an unexpected pregnancy and considering their options regarding parenting or placing their child for adoption. We are committed to supporting women and their families as they make decisions based on the best interest of their children.

AGCI’s team is available to speak with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and all communication is completely confidential. This free resource will give you the opportunity to discuss your options with a caring professional. Call or text (971) 238-3946.

Many women facing an unplanned pregnancy describe feeling stuck and are unsure of what to do next.  We recognize that each circumstance is unique and only you know what is best in your situation. Our counselors are here to help you explore your options, from parenting to adoption.

You may decide to parent your child. This decision may be based on your heart, your partner’s input, financial stability, future goals and/or family support.  Becoming a parent is a major change, but can be incredibly rewarding. If you are ready to be a mother, then that may be the only answer you need.

Every year, thousands of women choose adoption.  Birthmothers report that any initial uncertainty lessened as they learned more about the process. They were also reassured by their ability to choose the adoptive family and spend time getting to know them.

Most women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy experience intense emotions. Our supportive counselors are here to help you process these feelings both during and after your pregnancy, regardless of whether you choose adoption for your child.


If you are ready to begin an adoption plan, our counselors are here to help guide you through the entire process. We are committed to walking alongside you each and every step of the way.

As a birth parent placing your child for adoption, you have the ability to choose which family you entrust  your child to. There are many families waiting to adopt, and we will present you with detailed information about these families. You may choose to meet with those families when you are ready. These meetings typically occur after the second trimester of pregnancy.

Most domestic adoptions are “open adoptions.” Open adoption means that the birth and the adoptive families exchange names, addresses and other contact information and have ongoing direct communication.  Open adoption gives the birth mothers the peace of mind of knowing that their child is loved and well cared for.  Ultimately, you will decide on the level of openness that is right for you. No two open adoption plans are the same because the people involved are not the same. AGCI will work with you and the family of your choice to develop an open adoption agreement.

Typically, the birth family and the adoptive family will continue to develop a relationship until the birth of the child. Until placement, you are in control of deciding to place your child for adoption and can change your mind at any time.  It is very important that you are certain this is the right option for you and your child. The placement of your child becomes permanent once the child is born, relinquishments are signed and the state-mandated waiting periods have passed.

AGCI provides post-birth counseling focused on grief & loss. We strongly encourage the birth families that we work with to participate in these services. If needed, we are also available to help mediate adjustments in the open adoption agreement. Additionally, we are here to provide life-long support and resources to any child placed for adoption through our agency. We are committed to every member of the adoption triad, the child, the birth family and the adoptive family.

In addition to our supportive counseling, AGCI’s team is available to provide information and connect women considering adoption with the following services:

Food & Housing Services: AGCI will work to connect you with safe and stable housing, if needed. We will also work to ensure that you have access to good nutrient rich foods and prenatal vitamins.

Medical Care: Our team will work to connect you with a doctor that meets your needs, and we will accompany you to your prenatal appointments, when necessary. We will also help you navigate programs to help ensure that your medical bills are covered during and immediately following your pregnancy.

Legal Assistance: Our team will refer you to attorneys for legal consultations related to your adoption and/or other legal matters.

In general, AGCI is able to identify resources to assist you with expenses directly related to your pregnancy. Each state is unique, but adoptive families may be able to provide some assistance with the following expenses: medical, legal counseling, rent, utilities, transportation, food and maternity clothes. Adoptive families will not provide this support directly but instead it occurs through AGCI.