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Jeremiah was left in a park as an infant, and was taken to an orphanage when his parents could not be located. For the last few years he has been living in a foster family. He is now five years old. He has some significant developmental delays, possibly from a brain injury, and would benefit from rehabilitative therapy.

Jeremiah was born July 27, 2007. He has cerebral dysplasia. At five years old, Jeremiah was 110cm tall and weighed 17kg. His head circumference is 46cm, foot length 17cm and he has 20 teeth. He is potty trained.

Jeremiah is outgoing and optimistic, but stubborn. When he gets his own way he is very happy, but when another gets in his way Jeremiah can become angry – like most children. He does not like to be left alone, he loves to be cuddled. His favorite toys are the swings, bikes, cars and balls.

Jeremiah’s intelligence and language development are good. The left side of his body is not flexible, the left foot a bit crippled and the fingers of his left hand are often kept in a fist. He depends on his foster mother, but has graduated into the senior group in Kindergarten. He is able to recite a few poems, and can recognize and write simple Chinese characters.

Jeremiah’s foster father travels to work, but when he has a day off he will take Jeremiah out for fun. His foster dad had taken him to eat in a restaurant several times. Recently, as Jeremiah was waving “goodbye” to his foster father who was on his way to work, Jeremiah called out, “Dad, when will you come back? I miss you! Let’s go to the restaurant.” A forever family for Jeremiah will make all the difference in the world.

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