Profile: Jordan | Limb Deformity | Asia | Age 3 | Living with Foster Family


Jordan, age three, was abandoned as a newborn, and has a very unique special need; he was born without arms. He is otherwise healthy.

Jordan was born September 5, 2009. He has scoliosis and no arms. At three years old, Jordan was 81cm tall and weighed 12kg. His head circumference is 48cm, chest circumference is 51cm, and foot length is 13cm. He has 16 teeth. Jordan is potty trained. He is bright and yet stubborn. Jordan is happiest when he gets to go outside with his foster mom. He likes to get his own way, but can be coaxed into doing other things. Jordan’s favorite toys are cars and he also enjoys reading books. His intelligence and language are as good as his peers. He can walk without help, but does rely on his foster mom. One day Jordan’s foster mom gave him and his foster sister some yummy snacks. He ate his really quickly, but his foster sister had not yet finished hers. He turned to his foster sister, “You haven’t finished eating those snacks, let me help you eat them!” Jordan is too precious to wait for a family much longer.

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