Inspired by Haiti

Posted on: April 14th, 2014 by agci

After a long week of work, we’re finally saying goodbye to Haiti. It seems like just yesterday we were adjusting to the heat, fast paced driving, and loud sounds at night; and yet those same sounds that at first kept us awake have come to lull us to sleep. The children we’ve embraced are no longer strangers. They have names, personalities, and smiles that have melted our hearts.

Relationships have been created with children living without parents. We’ve seen these children’s everyday lives and held their hands as they lead us to play their favorite games. Haitian’s have shown us hospitality and dedication by feeding us and working with us to accomplish tasks. Through the blur of work and laughter we are leaving Haiti with full stomachs and more importantly full hearts. (more…)

Haiti Day 5

Posted on: April 14th, 2014 by agci

Team Update by Lani

Another great day of serving those who are serving orphans every day. After another amazing breakfast of pancakes and fresh fruit, the guys and girls split up to finish various projects. The guys went to Rachael’s house to finish the playhouse (very grande!), the teeter-totter (fun!), and to replace the swing seats on the swing set. Now the kids have a fun, imaginative, colorful play area, complete with a chalkboard wall to color on, to run around safely in and just be the kids that they are. (more…)

HAITI: Return Trip

Posted on: April 11th, 2014 by agci

By Mary Aultman Hurley, Mission Team Participant

Being sent to Laboule 15 after two years of being away from Haiti was quite exciting. I truly couldn’t imagine the empty house filled with laughing and crying… and oh, the smells. Walking through the doors and seeing healthy Haitian babies, and lots of them, brought me back to two years ago when many of those babies were malnourished and only twenty were able to be cared for at Rachel’s original Rivers of Hope.  The only way to describe the drastic change in circumstances is to say that God is good. (more…)

HAITI UPDATE: Our Strong Team

Posted on: April 10th, 2014 by agci

Mission Team Update by Meagan Richardson

Well day 3 was successful! Murals were painted ALL over the house (including the outside) for the children to get to enjoy. The women definitely were flourishing with their creativity today while painting an entire garden, a night time scene, and even polka dots on the outside of the home!  Along with the creative women, the men were determined individuals today while focusing on building a playhouse for the kids. They had help from a Haitian man who seemed to be very advanced in his craftsmen skills (although none of us would have known because we do not speak fluent Creole). All in all, the kids are going to enjoy and love every bit of the finished product! (more…)

Haiti Team Arrives!

Posted on: April 9th, 2014 by agci

We have all arrived!

After a busy day of two airport trips to pick up three different groups of 17 people and 32 bags of donations we all made it to the guest house.

Tuesday was our first day of work, we had planned to start building a playhouse for the kids but all our supplies hadn’t quite arrived yet so we changed our plans and tackled some other projects. The men and the power tools headed to the other home to take apart some beds so we could move them and repair and build some storage shelves. The women stayed behind and split up into two different groups. Some began working on the enormous job of organizing and painting while others jumped into doing crafts with the kids. (more…)

Adoption Tax Credit

Posted on: April 1st, 2014 by agci


Individuals Just Like You are Making a Difference!

Members of Congress only act on an issue when they believe it has a real impact on their constituents. It is especially important now that the credit is under threat that your three Members of Congress understand how important the adoption tax credit is to you and your family. The more you reach out to them and tell your story, the better.


A Heart for China

Posted on: March 18th, 2014 by agci

“Be Still And Know That I am God….”  Psalm 46:10

I woke up to my morning in China at 4:30am, and received a sweet email from my best friend as I was headed out the door for the airport, asking how I was doing.  I emailed back quickly as I did last minute packing, telling her I felt somewhat like an emotional wreck but that I would rise above it! Heaven forbid the day that I grow cold and unemotional about the work I do with orphans in China.  That will be the day that someone else needs to fill my shoes.  I hope it is always hard for me, and that my heart is always full of compassion for the children that are abandoned here.  I cannot stay there though, I must rise above it and do something about it.  I look forward to returning home and working hard to place these kids that I met this week.  (more…)

An Amazing Journey

Posted on: March 17th, 2014 by agci

It seemed fitting to spend my last day in China at church here, thanking the Lord for all he has done!  During worship time, the song “How Great is Our God” was played, and I had to excuse myself half way through, just to wipe the tears in my eyes, as I thought about all the blessings of this week and this partnership since July.  I can’t help but get emotional after helping exam over 100 kids, and seeing the kids we have placed since then.  The kids have touched me deeply, and I can’t wait to get home and help advocate for them to find families.

I am praying we can get the kids paperwork soon.  Please be praying for the orphanage as they prepare it, as I know they are busy with the new abandonment process here in Xiamen with them being the only orphanage currently with the baby island.  I cannot place kids with out the paperwork being done.  We have been asked at AGCI to try and help hire two new nannies for them so they can do hospital runs.  Many of the kids coming in need to be hospitalized and have someone stay with them.  (more…)

Final Day at Xiamen

Posted on: March 17th, 2014 by agci

On Saturday I was able to travel to see three children that were on our first list that were placed with families!  The first little girl came on our first list and has a heart condition.  She was so sweet, and I loved being able to show her a picture of her amazing parents for the first time!  We were able to visit with her foster mom and learn about how she has been doing. She loved playing in the apartment court yard and loved riding around on a little scooter.  We had to smile at her little purple hat with fake hair extensions.  Too funny.   :-)  Once again I was amazed at the loving care of the foster families, they take very good care of the kids!  (more…)

Visiting Fuzhou

Posted on: March 16th, 2014 by agci

This morning Gongzhan, Rocky, and I headed out to Fuzhou.  We were hoping to take the train but it is closed down for the year for repair work.  It was about a four hour trip to get there, but I enjoyed talking with Gongzhan and again, just looking out the window and taking in China.  We met Jack and his assistant at the Lakeside Hotel where I stayed last time in Fuzhou, and we had lunch together there.  I gave him a special photo I had framed of us with him when we were here in July, and then also presented to him a certificate for $10,000 on behalf of AGCI to help with a future training program in Fuzhou to help the orphans here.  I learned that in Fuzhou last year, 2013,  they did 72 adoptions, a drop from 99 in 2012, due to the 2 month delay with the database issues at the CCCWA. I was not surprised to hear that since we had delays in our office over this too. (more…)