Ways To Help an Orphan

Orphans Simply Don’t Count.

The current estimate of 153 million orphans worldwide was calculated by large aid organizations. However, this number does not include an additional 7 million to 10 million children living in baby houses, orphanages, group homes or on the streets. AGCI is dedicated to helping orphans find permanency through loving care, loving families and loving communities. Together, we can make a difference today for the orphans who are waiting.

Every day, 5,700 children become orphans.
111,000 children in the U.S. are waiting to be adopted.
Every day, 14,000 children die from poor nutrition.

In 2004, international adoption was one of the few programs that served children living outside of family care. A total of 45,298 children joined families worldwide. This year, only about 23,000 children have found loving families. The cumulative effect of the crisis is that by 2014, it is projected that 342,876 children will NOT have been adopted into permanent, loving families, who otherwise would have been.

Today, these children needlessly remain in baby houses, orphanages, group homes and on the streets, unknown and uncounted—many passing away or becoming adults, having never counted, never mattered and never known the joy of a family.

The alarming trend of children not ever feeling a family’s love needs to change. Orphans around the world wait for someone to care, families to love and a community to respond.

THANK YOU for responding and making them count!