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Orphan Care

An estimated 10 million orphans worldwide are currently living in institutions, without the hope of a family. Sadly, the world has drastically changed for international adoption, as we have watched it decrease by more than 62% since 2004.

This means more children worldwide are living in institutions indefinitely, during the most critical years of their life. For these children, the time is urgent; the need is now.

Will you help us take a stand for the children who are forgotten, for the children who will spend another day without food, water or clothing, for the children who are stuck in the system? Join us in championing the cause to provide these children with their basic human rights–to a family, to love, to care and to hope. Your support makes a difference for a child in need.


Prevent a child from becoming an orphan by supporting the AGCI sponsorship and income-generating program, or help sustain the AGCI Hannah’s Hope Home by providing shelter, safety, nutrition and care for ill and vulnerable children in Ethiopia. LEARN MORE

Monthly Need: $30,500
Annual Need: $366,000

Provide food, clothing, medical care and therapy for orphaned children living at our partner home in Haiti. LEARN MORE

Monthly Need: $6,000
Annual Need: $72,000

Offer a safe haven for children who are victimized by domestic violence, abuse and neglect, by supporting the AGCI Taiwan Hannah’s Hope Home. LEARN MORE

Monthly Need: $5,000
Annual Need: $60,000


Total Monthly Need: $41,500

Total Annual Need: $498,000