"For in You
the orphan
finds mercy”

Hosea 14:3b

China Orphan Care

Since 1994, AGCI has been serving orphaned children in China where an estimated 50,000 children live behind orphanage walls. Many of the children found in China’s institutions were abandoned due to severe or minor, correctable special needs. In China, these children are left behind, hopeless, hurting and vulnerable due to the cultural stigma of their special need.

AGCI is reaching out to serve the forgotten, orphaned children in China through the following initiatives.

Will You Help Transform the Lives of an Orphan in China Today?

One-Time Gift




AGCI is excited to announce our first opportunity to directly advocate for orphans in China through a one-to-one orphanage relationship with the Xiamen Social Welfare Institute in the Fujian Province. Xiamen (pronounced “sha-men”) orphanage is home to about 400 orphans, which increases daily as more children are abandoned.


Caring for children living with special needs by providing high quality nutrition, fortified formula and medical care to meet their unique needs.


Providing training for caretakers and hands on physical and occupational therapy programs for children living with special needs.


AGCI provides short-term mission trip participants the opportunity to meet the needs of the orphans of China first-hand through our Embrace Missions trips.