Taiwan Orphan Care Projects

“For in you the fatherless find mercy.” Hosea 14:3 KJV

In a few short days, an AGCI Embrace Missions team is travelling to the Taitung region of Taiwan. While there they will minister to the orphans at Hannah’s Hope and serve young women facing crisis pregnancies through our Promise of Life Program.

We would love to have you join our team as a supporting member. With your prayers and financial support our team in-country will be the ambassadors of the support team at home, accomplishing the following projects:

PROJECT 1: Creating a new backyard and playground for the nearly 20 children at Hannah’s Hope. Your gift of $50, $100 or more will provide the pre-school age swings and scooters as well as infant toys and the paint and decorations to make the playground a special place. TOTAL NEEDED: $2,500.

PROJECT 2: Providing a private place for women to inquire about our Promise of Life program. New furniture and supplies will help make a first floor room at POL into the perfect space for that first conversation about a woman’s future and the future of her unborn child. Donations of $100 or $250 will make a big difference in creating a warm comforting environment. TOTAL NEEDED: $1,200.

PROJECT 3: Extending God’s love to the villagers of Orchid Island. Team members will be doing outreach to the schools and churches on this beautiful tropical island that is home to some of Taiwan’s poorest and most vulnerable women and children. TOTAL NEEDED FOR SUPPLIES: $250.

Will you join us today to provide loving care to Taiwan’s orphans and vulnerable women? Together, we can make a difference in the lives of so many children!