Orphan Care

"Defend those
who are helpless
and have no hope.”

Proverbs 31:8

Urgent Needs in Ethiopia

More than four million orphaned children struggle to survive every day in Ethiopia–many of whom lost their parents to Africa’s HIV/AIDS outbreak. Over the past seven years, AGCI has served more than 20,000 orphaned children, widows and at-risk community members living in Ethiopia, through our orphan care ministry.

Yet with adoptions in Ethiopia having decreased by approximately 40% over the past two years, it has become more important than ever for our family preservation and orphan care initiatives to continue. Without your help, many vulnerable children and families in Ethiopia will lose these important programs that provide sustainable, permanent options for children, families and communities all over Ethiopia. The important AGCI outreach programs listed below are working to holistically care for orphaned children where they are at, while also striving to address the cycle of poverty that leads to orphaned children and separated families.

Will you join us?

Sustain the AGCI Hannah’s Hope Home. Just $35 a month can provide orphaned children with medical treatment, nutritional support, play therapy and the love of our special mothers team, which expertly cares for the individual needs of each child.

Monthly Need: $15,000
Annual Need: $180,000

Support Ethiopian widows and young women by giving them the opportunity to learn an income-generating trade. Just $35 a month can support the AGCI income-generating program and offer them the skills they need to provide for their children and keep their family together.

Monthly Need: $2,500
Annual Need: $30,000

Give a child a future through the gift of education. Provide $35 a month for school fees, education materials, food and a daily stipend for children who live with a parent that cannot work due to ongoing illness, permanent disability or extreme financial hardship.

Monthly Need: $2,500
Annual Need: $30,000

Improve the quality of care for orphans living in three regional orphanages in the remote and rural regions of Ethiopia. Just $35 a month can help to hire additional caretakers and supply these homes with food, formula, clothing, diapers, shoes and medical supplies to care for children suffering from extreme malnourishment and the crippling effects of poverty. Without our support, these critical needs often go unmet.

Monthly Need: $3,500 (per home)
Annual Need: $42,000
(per home)


Total Monthly Need: $30,500

Total Annual Need: $366,000