Strengthen a Community

“Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.” Psalm 82:3

AGCI Orphan Care

Every three seconds, one child dies of preventable causes. Throughout the world, communities struggle to care for their most vulnerable children.

We can make a difference. With the help of our Partners, AGCI is helping communities in Bulgaria, China, Ethiopia, Haiti, Nepal, Rwanda, and Taiwan more effectively care for their orphans — particularly special needs orphans — today and in the future.

AGCI collaborates with schools, community programs, and medical clinics to ensure children are receiving food, clean drinking water, shelter, and medical care. We also focus on those things we know best — helping children learn and develop through play.

Since our earliest days, AGCI has had a heart for helping orphans learn to play, and thereby learn to live. Many of the orphans we serve have never learned to play with toys, kick a ball, draw or paint, or play a musical instrument. By introducing play into the lives of children through toys, sports, and creative expression, we are helping them to develop intellectually and emotionally. In addition, play helps develop a child’s social skills and individual personality.

AGCI Orphan CareHow You Can Help
Join our Partner program or make a One-time Gift. Your financial support will provide not only clean water, essential medical care, and a safe place to sleep for children who dream of a place to call home, but also the tools for life they need through play, sports, and creative expression.

Participate in an Embrace Mission Trip.  Reach out with your heart and hands to embrace a child who is aching for a loving touch.

Become a Church Partner. Invite your congregation to put their faith into action.

Learn More. Read about the Global Orphan Crisis. Explore the links to each country to learn more about our programs and projects. Find a ministry that touches your heart. God can use you to transform an orphan’s helpless moments into miraculous moments of hope.

Please join us. Together, we can make a difference in the world — one child at a time.