Orphan Care

"Defend those
who are helpless
and have no hope.”

Proverbs 31:8

Urgent Needs in Taiwan

Since 2009, AGCI has helped to support young unwed mothers and children in Taitung County, Taiwan. Through the AGCI Promise of Life program, young women have been given housing, counseling and pre- and postnatal care, as they make the difficult decision to choose life and keep their baby or to place their child for adoption.


In addition to supporting women in crisis, in 2010, AGCI established the Hannah’s Hope home in Taitung County. Since then, the home has been a safe haven for countless children who have been victimized by abuse, neglect and domestic violence. In fact, local social welfare workers now regularly turn to Hannah’s Hope as the preferred care option for the county’s most vulnerable children. Without the support of Hannah’s Hope, many children, particularly from the surrounding rural communities, will have no stable and reliable care option.


Join us in meeting the critical needs of children in Taitung County, Taiwan.

Support AGCI Hannah’s Hope Home Taiwan and offer a sanctuary for the children of Taitung County victimized by domestic violence, abuse and neglect.

Monthly Need: $5,000
Annual Need: $60,000