Loving Care

Loving Care that provides for the needs of the whole child— spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional—through our Hannah’s Hope Homes, Foster Homes and Partner Homes.

Loving Care for Chera

When 18-month-old Chera arrived at Hannah’s Hope Ethiopia, he was despondent and weighed only 15 pounds. He suffered from rickets, an umbilical hernia, a fungal scalp infection, a bacterial infection, second-degree anemia and malnutrition.

Eight weeks later, the lifesaving care at Hannah’s Hope had turned Chera’s life around. He gained over nine pounds, received the medical care he desperately needed, and was surrounded with love and affection by our “special mothers.” Today, Chera, whose name means “Hope,” is a thriving two-year-old boy with a forever family.


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“For in You the fatherless finds mercy.” Hosea 14:3 KJV