Loving Families

Loving Families that provide the love every orphan deserves by restoring, sustaining and equipping vulnerable families.

When children are orphaned, we provide permanency through domestic, international and in-country adoption.

Loving Family For Elise

“In many countries around the world, birth mothers are faced with the difficult choice of choosing life for their unborn children. This choice is made out of the love, hopes and dreams they have for their child’s future. These birth mothers deserve our respect, love, appreciation and grace. They deserve our prayers and they deserve to be celebrated.

When we held Elise for the first time, we held a miracle and we saw perfection. She took our breath away. We felt joy and experienced pure bliss. She was beautiful. She smiled, we smiled back, and there was a connection deeper than we could have imagined.”


AGCI adoptive family & Promise of Life advocates


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“For in You the fatherless finds mercy.” Hosea 14:3 KJV