Orphans Are Waiting For…

Three main initiatives:

Loving Care

Loving Care that provides for the needs of the whole child—spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional—through our Hannah’s Hope Homes, Foster Homes and Partner Homes. READ MORE

Loving Family Loving Families that provide the love every orphan deserves by restoring, sustaining and equipping vulnerable families. When children are orphaned, we provide permanency through domestic, international and in-country adoption. READ MORE
Loving Communities Loving Communities that empower churches, organizations and governments to strengthen families through education, nutritional care, vocational training and creative play. READ MORE

Orphans around the world wait for someone to care, families to love and a community to respond. We are that someone, that family, that community! Learn how you can join us today in making every orphan count.

AGCI is passionate about creating sustainable change in an orphan’s life. We believe that every child deserves to be cared for, to be counted and to be loved. In a world where many vulnerable children have no voice, we are compelled to take action. From our beginning in 1991, AGCI has carried a burden for the circumstances of orphaned children and responded to God’s call through our orphan care initiatives all over the world. We know the call to serve the orphan in distress cannot be fulfilled by adoption alone.